Clarinet Links

A start into the internet world of clarinets

A link page can be a good start to find further information in the net.

But following links to keep link lists alive is an endless Sysiphos' job - I for myself gave this up and recommend you look at Wikipedia's link list under clarinets, both on the international English article and maybe your own national language version. These lists are maintained by many enthusiasts frequently. Your national Wikipedia may show you helpful local links; and then, too, your favorite search engine will give you an up-to-date list.

Anyway I will keep this short list here which gives you some basic starting points.

Link Inhalt  International Clarinet Organisation - the very official organisation - USA-clarinet page, lots of links, quite engaged, but not as "official" as ICA Schweizerische Klarinettengesellschaft (Swiss Clarinet Society) Austrian Clarinet Society Serbian (serbocroatic) page (latin letters) Good fingering table for all types of clarinets Established producer of reeds and mouthpieces in France, interesting page Boosey & Hawkes: Music instrument group, different well known brands Builds a wide variety of good clarinets Artist page by EMI - Diskography, CV etc. Artist page by Sharon Kam - a somewhat different page, nice ideas

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